How does this work?

How does this whole celebrant thing happen?

First, if you like it, discuss putting a ring on it. No surprise weddings—I wanna hang out with the both of you. Our first meeting (over coffee or gin) is at no cost to you (aside from your coffee or gin)! As mentioned in my About Mem, it’s important that we all get along, so let’s keep things casual on our first date. Please get in touch at least one calendar month before you wanna get hitched—this bit is super important, unless you have some pretty special circumstances (I can tell you more about those if you think that’s you).

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, and I’m smelling what you’re stepping in, we’ll lock in your wedding date via a non-refundable booking fee of $200—apart from me clearing my schedule for your ceremony, the booking fee helps me get your paperwork underway, including the lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

The balance of fees is payable at least fourteen days prior to your ceremony date. BUT WHAT IS THE BALANCE, I hear you cry. I know! I’m being deliberately obtuse! I’m sorry! I don’t have a “one size fits all” price, because I don’t provide a “one size fits all” ceremony. I don’t do template scripts, I don’t speak in a monotone, and I don’t let anyone get bored. Just below this you’ll see what comes with picking me as your celebrant, but weddings all look different and so once we’ve had a chat I’ll have an idea of what I would charge for your ceremony—and once we’ve had a chat, you’ll have a fair idea of whether you want me by your side or not on your big day. It’s a win/win situation (or, pardon the pun, a win/Rynne situation).

My quoted fees include, as standard:

  • a personalised ceremony script written for you, by me
  • unlimited phone and email correspondence with prompt responses, encouragement and pep talks (sometimes at strange hours, please do not judge this night owl)
  • a meeting for your Notice of Intended Marriage, and a couple of additional planning meetings prior to the event, if you’d like them (face to face if you’re local, via FaceTime/Skype if you’re not)
  • use of my PA system + Spotify Premium playlists for pre-ceremony vibes, ceremony tunes, and during my pack down time/post-ceremony mingling and group photos
  • travel costs within 40km of West Hobart
  • the most important: performing the ceremony, looking after the paperwork/legalities and getting you two hitched!

Things that are non-standard for me but you might request/require:

  • travel exceeding 40km of West Hobart:
    • I genuinely love a road trip but it takes a little extra for me to get there—I charge around 0.68/km beyond the 40km radius, and may need to add accommodation if it’s more than a 4hr round trip away from home
  • a rehearsal at the ceremony location:
    • in a normal/non-COVID world I have a full-time job that isn’t weddings, so if you require my presence for your rehearsal I may need to take a day off work! In my history of ceremonies I have no rehearsals. I value making moments over perfection, and I promise I’ll be right there by your sides on the day, ringleading with love and care, letting you know where to stand and when to talk. I’ve got you.
three people have their backs to the camera and are taking a selfie, one is holding a board behind their backs that says "we eloped", the hazards in freycinet national park are in the background
three people are taking a selfie, two have just gotten married and the other in the middle is holding the phone out in front of them. The bride has a beautiful bouquet of red flowers.

What about a Registry-Style Ceremony? Huh? Here’s the thing: Tasmania is the only state in Australia where you can’t book in with the State Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for a quick and simple ceremony—essentially just the legals (including the paperwork). The Registry Office just… doesn’t offer it! No big deal. Good for me, though, because it means that every single legal wedding ceremony in Tasmania has to be performed by a religious or civil celebrant! It makes things a bit weird if you just want to walk into an office but I have plenty of friends with offices if you want to get serious about it. If not, the world (or at least the state of Tasmania) is your oyster. Quick and simple ceremonies mean quick and simple fees, too.

You live interstate (we Tasmanians refer to it as the mainland or the big island) or overseas but you’re eloping to Tasmania? Heck yes. I support this idea so hard! We can organise everything from interstate and I’ll be here waiting to legalise once you touch down. I’ve got recommendations for just about everything Tasmanian (check out my Friendors page), and can even provide a couple of my friends as your legal witnesses if you’re going full classic elopement with just the two of you. It’s 2021, baby—anything goes. (Even global pandemics, I guess…)

Get in touch with some basic details on your dream ceremony, and I’ll hit you back promptly with some suggested first date venues for us if you’re locals, or my FaceTime contact if you’re interstate. Cute!