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Marry (The Party)

You like it, so you’ve put a ring on it. Time to party! But first, time to write a whole bunch of lists and book in some dreamy vendors to help you party. Then party!

Me (The You)

Just two crazy kids looking to celebrate your love. Maybe with heaps of friends and loved ones. Maybe with just a few. Maybe just the two of you. Whatever size or shape.

Memily (The Me)

A civil marriage celebrant in Tasmania looking to say just the right words to make you grin, giggle, and remember what you’re doing and saying.

a person with curly purple hair in a colourful dress is standing in front of a seated group of people, looking up to the sky and is mid-speech, wearing a head microphone and holding a small book with both hands

About Me

Hello, lovers.

My name is Mem.

I’m fat, I’m colourful, and I’m sassy. My pronouns are she/her. I love an oxford comma. I’m strongly pro-coriander, anti-raisin, and pro-pineapple-on-pizza. I’m not going to debate you if you disagree—this is a judgment free zone and everyone is allowed to love what (and who!) they love. I’m a Commonwealth-registered wedding celebrant, driving all over the beautiful state of Tasmania (and flying beyond it!) to do one of my favourite things, helping lovers get legal. I’m a big fan of love, and, if you ask me, weddings are really just big love parties.

Let’s get this love party started!

I’m a colourful and creative new breed of celebrant and I’m passionate about helping people—ALL people—get hitched. No matter what colour, size, shape, sexuality, age or gender you are, I’m here to legally enable your love party. My home island of Tasmania has it all: the wilderness (get married in a national park!), the culture (get married at Mona!), the wine (get married in a vineyard!), the weather (get married in a snowstorm! I mean, look, don’t plan to do this, but who knows what’ll happen if you’re eloping to Cradle Mountain in winter?). Find the venue to suit the size and shape of your love, bring me with you and we’ll get it done. Any love party is a good love party, as far as I’m concerned.

two people are standing in front of a backdrop of honeymoon bay in freycinet national park, she is wearing a short white dress and looking at his hands, he is wearing a suit, holding his vows and smiling at her

Love Parties


#1 Love Party. The best ones contain a lot of laughter and a lot of heart.

Naming Parties

I’m not really a baby person. I can’t lie to you. The naming ceremonies I’m all about are for  trans folks looking to celebrate themselves. You are worth a party.


Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Just the two of us, you and I. And our celebrant, Mem. And two legal witnesses. Intimate and anywhere from your lounge room to the middle of a national park. Let’s do this.


Tasmanian Registry weddings don’t exist (fun fact!), so if you’re just after the bare bones i.e. the paperwork that makes you married, a celebrant’s gotta help you out. Get in touch with me for your legals only wedding in Tasmania!

two people are standing in a field, one is kissing the other's raised hand and they are grinning back at them

couples hitched!

Love is Love is Love is Love

I rock a fun, casual vibe but respect is important, as is ticking all the boxes to make your union legal. I’m an LGBTQ+ ally who only signed up for my celebrancy course once the law in Australia was changed to be more inclusive—this stuff is important to me. I live and love in nipaluna/Hobart, lutruwita/Tasmania and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. I’m up to incorporating just about anything into your ceremony as long as it’s legal, ethical and respectful. And if you have no idea what you want to incorporate? I can help you there, too.