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Wanna get married?

Give me some basics to work with! If you don’t have answers for some of these yet, or they aren’t applicable, don’t worry about it. Get in touch anyway. I really do look forward to hearing from you. New enquiries are one of my very favourite wedding-flavoured things to hit my inbox!

Having said that:

I’m on holiday right now, so please don’t panic if you don’t hear back from me immediately—I won’t be fully back online until mid-January. Please still send your enquiry through if you are super keen for me to get in touch, but please understand my reply could be a little delayed.

I’m currently confirming bookings through till April 2025, but please feel free to send an enquiry for future dates if you’re mad keen for ticking vendors off your list ASAP—you’ll be the first to know when I open my books.