I get by with a little help

If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, check out these beautiful vendors for a little somethin’ somethin’. These are either folks I’ve worked with on past weddings (and hope to work with again!), or good friends in the industry… or they’re just on my own personal wishlist. Hey, we’ve all got them!


Nina Hamilton Photography | I knew Nina in a past life (we both used to live in Brisbane) and I’m so excited for the opportunity to work with her in this world of weddings! Her photography is intimate and beautiful. Photos on my website of Lizzie + Amy’s Freycinet elopement are by Nina Hamilton.

Rosie Hastie Photography | Deadset local legend. Everyone who comes through the front of house team at Mona is Good People, and Rosie’s done her stint in the darkness too. Her shots are romantic and visually captivating and heck she makes me look good. Photos on my website of Jasmine + Dirk’s Freycinet micro-wedding are by Rosie Hastie.

Fred and Hannah | These two sweethearts are full of energy and will capture your ceremony from every angle! I almost got distracted from talking just watching them manoeuvre around like gymnasts at Dylan and Caitlin’s ceremony in January. Fred and Hannah? More like FIRE and HECK!!! Photos on my website of Dylan + Caitlin’s Twamley Farm creekbed wedding are by Fred and Hannah.

Heart and Colour | Phil has a drone and he’s not afraid to use it! I don’t know how one man gets so many killer shots and angles except to say that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’s actually Superman. He’s a maverick. Photos on my website of Rhys + Heidi’s Ratho Farm destination wedding are by Heart and Colour.

Two Birds Tweet | I first met Grace and Sam through mutual friends and have loved following their photography over the years. They capture beautiful, effortless images and they’re absolute sweethearts to boot.

Look See | Naomi primarily operates on the NW coast of Tassie and if you ask me, on this beautiful island, that corner is the most beautiful. She’s so lucky. We’ve been instagram pals for around as long as I’ve lived here. Bring us together!

Todd Hunter McGaw | Todd and Alyda are longtime pals of mine and I’ll blame Todd’s stunning wedding photography all up in my instagram feed for keeping weddings on my brain for years before I became a celebrant! Bring them down here so we can all have fun together, please.


Shene Estate & Distillery | They make one of my favourite Tasmanian gins (Poltergeist Unfiltered) and they have one of the most beautiful venue spaces I’ve had the pleasure of exploring. Let Myf and her family organise a beautiful day for you. (With gin.)

Birchview | Small weddings or elopements (max. 20 guests) on this beautiful private property where the owners make it easy for your day to go smoothly. Views of kunanyi and alpacas. 

Freycinet Lodge | You fancypants, you! Freycinet National Park is one of Tassie’s crown jewels, and the Lodge makes it so easy for you to elope to Honeymoon Bay. Stay in one of their stunning Coastal Pavilions for a couple of nights and treat yourselves.

Oddfellows Bar & Eatery | I like to eat here and I like to drink here and maybe you would like to get married here? I’m always obsessed with what Chloe does next and Oddfellows hasn’t been around for long but gosh that space in the Alceme building in Hobart is a stunner. Perfect reception venue… after your ceremony upstairs in the Hall?

The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery | One of the best places to eat in Tasmania is also one of the loveliest places to hold your wedding. New Norfolk is roughly half an hour out of Hobart and very Tasmanian Gothic vibe. 

Ratho Farm | Destination: Bothwell. Located in the central highlands of Tassie (did you know we had those?) and around an hour out of Hobart, this spot is perfect for a stay-and-play, with accommodation on site in convict cottages and farm barns. So many different spots for unique ceremonies and receptions, and even some Highland cows if you’re lucky! 

Mona | Can’t get away with not mentioning my other workplace! No copy/paste weddings at this venue, that’s for sure. Let Shelley organise something lavish for your bespoke party.


Pollen & Twine | If you’re getting hitched in the wild west then Morgan is your gal. We’ve been friends thanks to social media for years now and I look forward to the day we get to hang IRL—maybe you could make my dream a reality and I could come marry you in the wild west?

Saffi Studio | My Mona workmate Abi is also an incredible florist because we’re all about being multi-talented. She also throws flower crown parties!

The Romantics | I’m obsessed with their arrangements. Their instagram is next level wow factor.

Harmony Garden Centre & Florist | Harmony is my number one fix to feed my indoor plant addiction, and they also make beautiful floral arrangements. 

The Floral Criteria | Funky as heck and on one of my favourite streets in Hobart. Win/win.


Artaud & Co | Lisa is a dream to work with and makes everything so easy for you and for me. She has a trusted collection of vendors ready to round up the perfect team for you!

HONEYFIG | Boundary-pushers when it comes to micro-weddings and elopements (they also help with proposals!).


Les Coqs Incroyables | Hobart’s favourite swing trio. They’ve been told to move and they’ve been told to pipe down a little but they’ve never been told “I don’t like that song”. An exciting full sound at an acoustic volume.

Angelene Harris | A one woman show who absolutely slayed at a ceremony I did in February 2020—the voice of a sultry angel, such a big heart, and so easy to work with for both the couple and me!

The Foley Artists | A Hobartian family of exceptional talents, I’ve seen this lot cut a rug at various events and look forward to seeing them work their magic at your wedding.

Heck Yeah Love Party | My own curated playlist on Spotify! I’ll forever be adding to this one as I find songs that I stumble across. 


Knuckle Sandwich | Pop-up foods and catering, which means I only get to eat them once in a blue moon. The hype is real. I own one of their t-shirts. I’m not mucking around when I say these are my favourite sandwiches in Hobart and I will make every effort to eat them whenever I can. Please get them to cater for you. I can’t promise I won’t lurk around your reception in order to snag one, though. (They also do “proper” wedding catering, but… like… those sandwiches, omg.)

Wattlebanks | Any time their truck is at a festival I will hone IN. I recently got a taste (lol) of their wedding catering and it was heavenly! Five stars, would recommend!

Big Henrys Food Truck | I’m all about that food truck catering life and Big Henrys is my favourite regular Hobart food truck. Dirty and delicious.

Sweet Envy | Teena is the queen of cakes and she’s gonna make exactly what you want. Even if what you want is a red velvet cake that looks like weightlifting plates stacked on top of each other. (She nailed that brief, btw.)


Why the heck would I recommend other celebrants on my own site? Am I wilding? Nah, I’m just a big fan of community over competition and I’m not going to always be available or be every couple’s piece of cake, so maybe one of these absolute legends will be a better fit for you.

Kathleen the Celebrant | She’s from the wild west and she’s here for a good time. I first reached out to Kathleen when I was still studying and she let me pick her brain. I was so grateful, she will never be rid of me. Too late. 

Erin Woodhall Celebrant | Yeah ok look she’s a Brisbane celebrant but she’s my #1 gal in the celebrant world, my stupid-question-answerer since 2015 and a flippin’ style icon. What a babe.

Rachael Calvert Weddings | This woman has embraced me with open arms—quite literally, more than once, even once right after a boxing class. She’s all class and I adore her. She’s my celebig sister.

Cinta. Celebrate Love | Our sassy earth mother, Merren! This nature loving woman is open, earnest, kind and just radiates love and acceptance. She’s also got great tips on Bali holidays.

Tim Grimsey | The boy one! Tim’s got a beard, a dapper suit collection, a diving licence, and a whole bunch of exceptional storytelling skills.